Asterisk Newbie - Realtime

Hi All

I am new with asterisk and over the past week have installed the cvs version, have extensions and sipgate configured all from config files and work great. I have just started to try and get things working from mysql.

I have asterisk logging my cdr information to mysql table but it doesnt appear to be loading the sip users so an extension can authenticate. The mysql table and data matches that in the config sip.conf and I have an extension setup for it in extensions.conf as well.

At the CLI I can get the following information but when i try and register the phone I get that the error that the user hasn’t authenticated.

asterisk*CLI> realtime load sipusers name 114
Column Name Column Value

id 3
name 114
callerid 114
context default
dtmfmode info
host dynamic
authenticate_password 114
type friend

(these match exactly what i have in my sip.conf for a working phone)

Any hints would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks