Asterisk Monitor() save recording in MP3 format not in WAV

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Can any one suggest me, is there any option in Asterisk Monitor() or MixMonitor() to save recorded file in .MP3 format not in .WAV

I want this process in run time but I don’t want to set any script in cronjob because we have huge call volume and customer need to be listen in the run time.

Second Issue : I want separate Inbound, Outbound and Mixed call using same MixMonitor() or Monitor() Functions

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There is no standard facility to transcode to MP3 and MP3 is not a good format for re-encoding low sample rate speech.

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Let me tell you why i need recording in MP3. current system is capable to save in .WAV file format but many of our customer are using Mac and iOS Device due to which .WAV format is not a suitable to play recording on their browser , so would you suggest any alternatives.

I know you have every solution of Asterisk

Also help me to find out the way where i can save IN, OUT and BOTH recording, I’m using Monitor() and MixMonitor(), Is it possible for one recording I have three wav or mp3 file

  1. Incoming-recording.wav
  2. outgoing-recording.wav
  3. Mixed-recording.wav


.wav is case sensitive, in Asterisk. .wav is signed linear PCM, but .WAV is a synonym for .wav49, which is GSM.

I find it strange that Apple doesn’t support such a ubiquitous format as RIFF signed linear 16 bit 8kHz mono. suggests that Apple should support .wav, but not .WAV.

See the documentation for the 'monitor()' application. In particular, check out '${MONITOR_EXEC}'.

BTW, I emailed a recorded ‘wav’ (not WAV) to my iPhone and it played correctly.

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