MixMonitor Problem

I am recording a call using MixMonitor in wav format. When I listen back to the file using Asterisk Playback it sounds fine; however, when I transfer the file to a PC and listen to it the sound is very distorted.

The same thing also happens if I use Monitor.

Anybody got any ideas?

Hi Sounds like you are not using the correct codec on the PC you are playing them back through. What are you using ?


The idea is that the files will be emailed to customers to listen to so I have been using Windows Media Player. I have also loaded them using Goldwave sound editor and I’ve got the same problem.

Also, I have tried converting the files to mp3 using lame and the final file is still sounding wrong.

Hi are you using wav or WAV ? have you tried gsm ?

Is it possible to post one so we can see whats wrong with them

ALso how are the voice mail files when played on the PC ?



I’m using wav not WAV. I haven’t tried gsm as I need something that anyone can play from their PC straight away although I have actually tried a vox file and that was fine when I listened to it on my PC.

I’ve uploaded one of the wav files here:

I’m not using voicemail so I haven’t got any to listen to.