Function Monitor

Hi. I use Asterisk
I use function monitor and mixmonitor for other situations. After monitor and mixmonitor i listen monitoring files. Quality files by created mixmonitor function very high. But by created monitor function is very low.

In some cases i want monitor incoming stream to other file. In this cases i use function monitor. When i listen recording file i hear that incoming stream and out streaming badly mixed. But i want only record incoming stream with high quality.

Did you read … ns/monitor ?
Esp. options “o” and "i"
It is amazing how many Asterisk questions can be answered by simply RTFM :smiley:

options “o” , but quality is not changed :frowning:

What file_format are you using for recording ?

Note: when i use MixMonitor with extension WAV recorded file quality is very high

I think WAV is gsm. Try using lowercase - “wav”

BTW, I opened a bug about missing docs:

i replace WAW to wav, quality increased (not very high). But size is also increased. What do you think which file format record with high quality?
I record during IVR speak. May be therefore sounds are mixed

wav should be the best unless you use 16kHz codecs like g722. You can get the list of possible formats by running

and looking at the Extensions column:

[code]*CLI> core show file formats
Format Name Extensions

slin mp3 mp3 * read-only, asterisk can not create mp3 files
slin ogg_vorbis ogg
g726 g726-16 g726-16
g726 g726-24 g726-24
g726 g726-32 g726-32
g726 g726-40 g726-40
slin sln sln|raw
gsm gsm gsm
ilbc iLBC ilbc
siren14 siren14 siren14
g729 g729 g729
slin16 sln16 sln16
gsm wav49 WAV|wav49
adpcm vox vox
g723 g723sf g723|g723sf
siren7 siren7 siren7
g722 g722 g722
ulaw au au
alaw alaw alaw|al|alw
ulaw pcm pcm|ulaw|ul|mu|ulw
slin wav wav
21 file formats registered.

If you want to save space you can use the ogg format which should sound almost as good as wav, but only using 20% space.