I can not let Asterisk GUI 2.0 work for me

Dear all,

I am trying to install Asterisk GUI 2.0. I use svn get package from brunch/2.0/. The installation is straight forward. After installation finished, I followed the README instruction make the following change:

  1. In http.conf:
    enabled = yes
    enablestatic = yes
  2. In manager.conf
    enabled = yes
    webenabled = yes
  3. Create an appropriate entry in manager.conf for the administrative user
    secret = 'password’
    read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,config
    write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,config

restart Asterisk server, I can see:
"Asterisk Management interface listening on port 5038"
from the console, unfortunately, when I execute localhost:5038, no luck for me.
but I can get,
*CLI> == Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate
== Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

What should I do to let the management GUI work?


localhost:8088/asterisk/static/c … basic.html

the manager has nothing to do with http is is used by the asterisk-gui to make the changes and read the config and check the status