Asterisk Manager API - How should I do this?

I am trying to interface our PABX from a Windows based custom program using the Asterisk API which sofar works fine, I can get calls initiated but now I like to check statuses and create a kind of operator panel.

How shoudl I go about it?

I can see the events generated by the Asterisk system but there are 100’s and I am puzzled. What I like to know first is if there are any choices and if so which approach to take.

Secondly where can I find any info about it.

I have been looking for an OCX or ActiveX that may handle this in a reasonable manner and not too pricy, but have not found anything.

The bottom line is I want to build into our system the facility that each user can see the lines, if busy or not.

How should I go about this?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?