Asterisk Logger not working

Hai Everyone.

I Have an asterisk server installed with version Asterisk-16.14.0 on Centos 7.8 OS. Am facing some issue with logging the logs on this server.

I have configured logger. conf to log the logs as below.


And also able to see from the console as below.

But when am checking the logs on the path it’s not logging I have tried the logger reload and logger rotate as well but still, the logs are not getting captured.

But at the same time when open console asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvvr
am able to see the logs and at the same time the logs are also started to generate to the path which is given on logger.conf and when I exit from the asterisk console again the logger stop logging.

After Referring some Internet. I have modified the logger.conf like below.


And Now it started logging . But unable to understand my other server working without adding verbose level and able to log - only this specific asterisk instance i have this issue.

is there any thing special on asterisk 16 version or we do we need to set verbose level anywhere else ?

I believe this is due to the following (from logger.conf.sample):

; Verbose takes an optional argument, in the form of an integer level. The
; verbose level can be set per logfile. Verbose messages with higher levels
; will not be logged to the file.  If the verbose level is not specified, it
; will log verbose messages following the current level of the root console.

When the verbose level is not specified it’ll only start logging verbose messages according to the level set in the root console. So when opened the console with “-vvvv …” it started logging and then stopped when you exited.

Try checking in your asterisk.conf file and see if the verbose level is set there. If set say to “3” this would be the equivalent of adding “-vvv” when starting a console.

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