Asterisk in virtual server with Digium card?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to run Asterisk in virtual server with a digium card? I have a Windows 2003 server running all the VMs. On there I’ve put Fedora on one of the vms and loaded Asterisk. Now I want to know if adding a digium card would be possible through the vm? This is a test bed but I haven’t got the card yet. I can’t seem to find much info on this topic apart from a few posts about VMware not being able use the Digium card as it uses virtual hardware. Does the same apply to virtual server?


I’m sure by “VMware” they’re talking about “virtual servers”.
Unless VMware will virtually support a Digium card, I doubt
you’re going to be able to access it from a virtual machine.


No vmWare is A virtual server and im sure he’s talking about MS virtual server …
But still If vmware dows not support Digium card Theres is NO way Microsoft support them! And MS virtual server also use emulated Hardware.
But … If you try it give us some news about it!

And i forgot took a look at this page : … onfaq.mspx
It explain you how the emualtion of hardware works under MS virtual server

Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I meant MS Virtual Server. The general consensus is that it won’t work but another issue is that of playback quality. i.e. voicemail, IVR etc. It seems quite bad on my VM, I know some others have had this problem too so I’m going down the real server away as soon as it arrives. I’m just using the VM while I wait for the new box to arrive.

Thanks again guys!