Asterisk* implementation in Enterprises

Could Asterisk be a solution for big enterprises?

  • Yes, it could and it already does
  • Yes, it could in the future
  • No, it’s a nice solution for small offices but that’s it

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Hi, I’m a student from the Netherlands and I’m graduating this year. My assignment is to analyze Asterisk and give “my company” an advice wether to sell asterisk as a VoIP solution or not. They already offer Cisco CallManager but they want to know if Asterisk has the same or maybe got more functionality.
At this time the documentation I found on the internet was sufficient to get me started but I need your help to reach a higher level.
One of my questions is: Would Asterisk* be a good solution for setting fully functioning telephony-system within big enterprises? And can asterisk handle load balancing and inter clustering?

I would appriciate every comment and you can really help me get the right documentation on this matter.

Thanks in advance!