Is Asterisk right for my company?

I came across an article on Asterisk in Forbes recently and started to wonder if Asterisk is right for my company. I couldn’t tell by the article whether Asterisk was a fully developed alternative to Avaya and the other guys or, an open source alternative that is useful for individuals or the occasional small company.

I work for a large fortune 500 company and we hand Cisco and Avaya millions of dollars every year. Seems like if Asterisk could legimitately offer everything we get from the big guys it would be foolish to ignore… so can you guys tell me if Asterisk is in the same arena as an Avaya or Cisco? Are there white papers or case studies on larger companies adopting Asterisk?


Depending on the implementation, Asterisk could be a solution (or part of a solution) which will work for you. If you are coming from an Avaya VOIP implementation now, you have already resolved most of the hurdles you’d face. (QOS, VLAN’s etc…)
There are some case studies on Digium’ site
I do know from a brief look at the fortune 500 list there are at least 5 (That I am aware of) that use Asterisk in some part of their business.

If you have any specific questions let me know. (Or if you prefer not to post it on a public forum PM me)