Differences between Asterisk and Asterisk@home?

Hi all.

I have had a very small play with asterisk. I have installed Fedora Core 4, and then the latest Asterisk on that machine. This is for a demo for us at work.

We need to reinstall the Asterisk onto a new box, so hence a new installation. I have been looking at the Asterisk@Home, this looks very attractive with its simple install, and web interface.

My main concerns is if the Asterisk@home is a stripped down version of the Asterisk? Any features missing, or anything you can’t do with an A@H box?

Any information about this would be great. I like the idea of the GUI for learning the PABX world, then upgrading to the full blown version if need be later on.

thanks for your help.

Asterisk@Home is a full distro that uses Asterisk. It is no different from installing CentOS, Asterisk, and AMP.

And then some…

A few other useful things thrown in as well such as a maintenance web interface with editor access to the *.conf files. That is quite useful for most people. Also as SugarCRM software with FOP integration for outgoing autodial and incoming CallerID integration.

I was rolling my own just to teach myself this stuff but now I pretty much just use Asterisk@home.

Ok thanks for you help guys.

I’m downloading the Asterisk@home iso as we speak.

Thanks again.