Asterisk @home with two xp100 card Insalled but have problem


I installed Asterisk@home on spare pc.I also install 2 xp100 fxo card and connect two sperate pstn line to it. I did step in following sequence.I dont know where i did wrong. Please advise.

  • A@H installed by bootable cd.
  • installed 2 fxo card.
  • run genzaptelconf
  • it detects both card and shows ch 1 on first card and ch 2 on secondcard
  • create zap ext 202 .
  • installed xten soft phone.
  • configured through sip proxy for ext 202. as per required setting.
  • In Flash operating panel, it shows two zaptel trunk and one ext. however all icon are flashing to green and red.

after doing these, i tried to test incoming call setting by dialing 7777.
but not getting anything.

I am confused here, Do i have to create zap or sip extension for pstn line?
If i am using pstn for incoming and outgoing call, do i have to configure sip in softphone, do that is the problem.

Please advise do i need any extra setting or configuration.

Thanks in advance.