PSTN to SIP Extension

Hi all, first post, just starting out with FXO/ FXS cards. I’ve been installing asterisk (Elastix) with SIP for a while now but havent used FXO FXS cards until now.

I’m trying to setup an FXO pass through to a SIP extension.

I’ve setup a zap channel and defined the incoming DID and setup an inbound route with the DID defined also but asterisk CLI is showing no DID or CID match in incoming.

I’m using openvox 400 card with 1 x FXO and 1 x FXS module installed.

The card is picked up fine by asterisk, also I can route calls on the PSTN to an IVR then off to the sip extension if i put an “any/all” DID/CID route in so I know the card is working.

I’m in Australia so I have the number format in freepbx in both the zap channel DID’s section and the incoming route (where i have defined the incoming route to an ext based on DID) as 61 for country then 7 (dropped the 0) for area code and the number following, so like this 61755xxxxxx

Is this how I should have the number? I have tried other settings such as 0755xxxxxx (which is what you would dial in aust to call that number)

Can anyone please advise where I’m going wrong here, I’ve searched the net but cant seem to find what i’m after.

Thanks in advance :smile: