Asterisk@Home Digium TDM400 w/ 4 x FXO ports

Hi fellow asteriskers,

I have an Asterisk @ Home 1.5 box working very sweetly. We have a mixutre of IP phones, and analogue phones via ATA’s connected, along with a dedicated 512k/512k line and some VoIP trunks.

Last week our TDM400 card arrived with 4 FXO ports. Our * box will eventually replace our existing PBX with 4 PSTN lines. We have the card installed and it appears to be functioning well. Currently have two PSTN lines connected, we can receive calls and make out bound calls on the PSTN no problems.

However… we have two businesses with separate phone numbers, and would like calls that come in on lines 1 and 2 to be directed to a certain ring group, and calls on lines 3 and 4 to a different call group.

At the moment I have setup Incomming calls in AMP to “Send Incomming calls from the PSTN to” one ring group. I can’t see any options for specifying different call groups for different lines.

Also how should i have my Zap trunk setup? Initially I had it setup with 4 Maximum channels and a Zap Identifier of 1… is this correct?

So is what I’m trying to do achievable? And how do I go about achieving this?

Kind regards in advance!

you’ll need to separate the zap trunks into 2 groups and edit the conf files yourself. [from-pstn] is probably where you want to start. send each group to it’s own “[from-pstn]” context. then you can either duplicate the included contexts, or use variables to use the one set.

you’ll need to separate your users too, everyone is probably in [from-internal] and it sounds like you’ll need to restrict outbound dialling to each companies trunks too.

i suspect you’ll now be leaving AMP behind you for a large part of this config, so you’ll need to be careful your work doesn’t get overwritten when you make changes in AMP. and make backups.