Asterisk @ home

Hi All,

I have just bought the book, Asterisk: the future of Telephony Edition 2 and what to delve into its possibilities for our work office. I am up to chapter 5 and will make my way through it, but as someone who is new at this I just wanted to confirm what I would need to get it running at home. I have a centos machines, I have installed the Asterisk package. I have a pap box with two fxs and fxo ports. I assume from what I read I place the pstn analog line into the fxo port, is there anything else I need hardware-wise? Do I need a TDM card or something or is TDM just for BRI/PRI?

Is it at all beneficial to install a setup at home for trialling or is there a better way?

I understand people here might be tired of newbies posting dumb questions, but I am a quick learner and I want to contribute as I get a handle on this.


No, you hardware is enough to start play.

I think can be a good way to learn about *.


Marco Bruni

TDM is just an abbreviation of for the telephone lines. You have 2 FXO lines - so you can plug 2 analog telephone lines into those. The ISDN and T1 are just different formats.