Asterisk Hardware?!


I am doing some research into using Asterisk and was looking in particular at the cards needed to connect to our analog lines. I see obviously Digium have their cards but I came across some cards at my workplace that are no longer being used…

Which are these: … cts_id=460

Now after seeing that the X100P is just a Intel V92 modem card, I was wondering what the requirements are for hardware cards? As in can standard modems be used? Or is there a limitation that Asterisk imposes (As in does it directly talk to the hardware and thus specified chipsets must be used etc?) I also note the Digium cards have features such as such as echo cancellation…

Any guidance on this would be good?!

AFAIK, the requirement is the driver support on the OS you want to run the Asterisk. As with your card, it looks like it has a support for Linux OS (if that is the platform you want to have your Asterisk PBX system hosted).

I had used a standard modem as an FXO port with an Asterisk PBX system hosted on a Linux computer to interface with a PSTN line. A lot has been said about this approach that causes some acoustic echo, but my experiment didn’t encouter with such a problem, IIRC.