Asterisk hardware purchase and Server Set up


I want to set up Asterisk Server for my CRM application.

Please provide information regarding which hardware to buy for Asterisk Server Set up.

My organization is small 10 to 20 people.

I want to know how to set up Asterisk Server and get following information for CRM

Asterisk server IP
Asterisk server port
Asterisk username
Asterisk Password
Asterisk Version

Which hardware to purchase ,configuration,Linux version etc

Where to purchase hardware for Asterisk :question:

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Please read the documents at

Depending on what you want to do with it, it is possible that any commodity PC will supply all the hardware.

What do you mean by Asterisk password?

What do you mean by Asterisk username?

The server IP will be chosen by you or your system manager, but see below.

Asterisk uses different ports for different purposes, and it is possible to have configurations that do not use TCP/IP at all.

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Thanks for reply.

I saw some videos and read articles regarding asterisk server setup.

I learn that asterisk server setup need hardware like Telephony Interface Cards and Analog Interface Cards .

I want to know which hardware I need to purchase and can I do this online from

Hardware URL

Following information about asterisk username and password

    * Asterisk server IP is the IP of the server where you are running asterisk (for e.g.
    * Asterisk server port is the port on which vtiger should connect to asterisk (default is 5038)
    * Asterisk username is the name of the user who has his entry in the manager.conf file
    * Asterisk Password is the password of the asterisk user.
    * Asterisk Version is the version of asterisk you are using (right now 1.4 and 1.6 are supported) 


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Lots of people use Asterisk without telephony cards. You should read and understand the online document I referenced (or go on a course, or hire a consultant).

If you need interface cards, you can buy them from It is likely that there are local resellers in your country. There are some competing products, but Digium provide free support to people using their genuine products on Asterisk.

5038 is the default AMI port, but you can change it. The AMI username and password are your choice. The IP address is your choice (I can’t imagine it being otherwise!).

The Asterisk version is your choice, although you should note that Digium no longer support either 1.4 or 1.6, so you should not use the service you reference unless they are prepared to provide all necessary support. The current versions are 1.8.x and 10.x

Hi David,

Thanks for reply.

We have 20 AVAYA phone in our office.

Do we need special phone to be purchased for asterisk

I have install UBuntu 12 and no idea about what to do next.

which interface cards to purchase to set up asterisk server to make outgoing calls and receive

incoming calls

Analog Telephony Cards OR Digital Telephony Cards OR Hybrid Telephony Cards

After I purchase and plugin interface card into CPU how to do configuration.

My friend told me asterisk set up require interface card.

I found following link and read many articles on google but not able to understand.

We have AVAYA phone in our office ,do we need special phones for asterisk ?

Any information regarding asterisk server setup and get following information will be highly appriciated.
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