Need to develop an IVR using Asterisk

Hi this’s vikas ,
I hav to develop an IVR aplication using Asterisk in this application people can make call and then listen some new prompts then they press dtmf for input like press 1 for operator … press 2 for hr e.g:

Plz tell me how do i setup the hardware actually m confused in hardware requirements n what device will connect my asterisk server to phones.

It depends on what kind of phones you will be using. If you plan on only using VoIP with no POTS/PRI lines then all you need is a computer/server, switch and IP phones.

And of course - start reading:

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can anyone tell me exactly what is this “Asterisk?”

is this a form of Programming Language, a software, a hardware or a device, or something?

what does it do?

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You can read:

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