Asterisk GUI 2.0 not working - html code displayed instead

I have installed GUI 2.0 for asterisk on ubuntu server 10.04.1 (64-bit) and I’m getting html code instead of executing them, except for xxxx:8088/asterisk/httpstatus.html which is working fine:

[b]Asterisk™ HTTP Status
Prefix /asterisk
Bind Address
Bind Port 8088

Asterisk and Digium are registered trademarks of Digium, Inc.[/b]

I think that http.conf and manager.conf are ok - this is the check output:

[b]root@ubuntu-server2:~/downloads/asterisk-gui/2.0# make checkconfig
— Checking Asterisk configuration to see if it will support the GUI —

  • Checking for http.conf: OK

  • Checking for manager.conf: OK

  • Checking if HTTP is enabled: OK

  • Checking if HTTP static support is enabled: OK

  • Checking if manager is enabled: OK

  • Checking if manager over HTTP is enabled: OK
    — Everything looks good —

  • GUI should be available at ubuntu-server2:8088/asterisk/sta … index.html

  • Note: If you have bindaddr= in /etc/asterisk/http.conf
    you will only be able to visit it from the local machine.

    Example: localhost:8088/asterisk/static/config/index.html

  • The login and password should be an entry from /etc/asterisk/manager.conf
    which has ‘config’ permission in read and write. For example:

    secret = mysecret10731
    read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,config
    write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,config

— Good luck! —[/b]

when I’m executing localhost:8088/asterisk/static/config/index.html (or any other page) then I"m getting the html (although I did chmod 755 on the /var/lib/asterisk/static/config folder and all its files).

like this:


  • Asterisk-GUI - an Asterisk configuration interface
  • Top level index page
  • Copyright © 2009-2011, Digium, Inc.
  • Pari Nannapaneni
  • Erin Spiceland
  • See for more information about
  • the Asterisk project. Please do not directly contact
  • any of the maintainers of this project for assistance;
  • the project provides a web site, mailing lists and IRC
  • channels for your use.
  • This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
  • the GNU General Public License Version 2. See the LICENSE file
  • at the top of the source tree.


Asterisk Configuration GUI
<link href="stylesheets/cfgbasic.css" media="all" rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<style type="text/css"></style>
Apply Changes Logout
[/b] etc etc etc .....

any idea what’s wrong ?

apparently the problem is only with Windows Explorer 8.

I tried with Mozilla Firefox 10.0.1 and then I don’t get this problem !!!

just another issue I noticed is that I still couldn’t logon, but her is the solution :

you have to set the following in the manager.conf :
enabled = yes

webenabled = yes

originally I had the webenabled only set for the admin user, but then the system returns error that probably the manager is not enabled - this warning should better be as follows: probably WEBenabled is not set in the [general] section !

That would tend to be a layering violation, as the code that actually acts on the flag shouldn’t really need to know how the configuration file works.

For some strange reason, the actual error is output as a debug message. I think there may be a valid reason for submitting an issue report suggesting that it should be made a notice or warning. Such a report should have a very low severity.

The error message indicating that probably the manager is not enabled while in fact the webenabled is not set(in the general section) is anyhow misleading, so if any corrective suggestion is made (it does not appear like a debug message) I think it is better complete and suggest to set both enabled. I found many unanswered GUI problem posts that maybe would have been fixed. Also the documentation of the GUI 2.0 is worth to update with this remark.

now I still have my first issue : internet explorer 8.0 does noet work with the GUI2.0 - in stead I get the html code displayed in the browser. On the otherhand Firefox is working fine… any idea what’s wrong ?