Asterisk and the Asterisk GUI

Hello All,

I have several Asterisk w/AsteriskGUI Installations in production environments. I’ve found a few bugs in the js code that writes the configs and have resolved them, however this particular instance puzzles me…

This is my first and only install of 1.8 and the GUI, all others are 1.6, 1.4… At this particular site, it seems that whenever the client goes into the GUI (lately claiming to just look at things, not actually changing anything). The configuration files get horribly distorted. Once the entire user.conf file was wiped clean. We’ve also had several instances where various contexts inside of extensions.conf go missing.

Does anyone know for sure if the Asterisk GUI from here:

is compatible with version 1.8 asterisk? Or is it only compatible with < 1.6? Or am I grabbing the GUI from the wrong place?

Thanks Much!!