1.4 running and?

OK, I have 1.4 running on SUSE 10. The main reason I installed it was to see the new GUI. I noseeum. Any tips about how to activate? Or how to access it?

I don’t mind doing things in CLI, but I prefer a GUI.


i’m running trunk from just a few days ago, so i doubt too much has changed. at the moment (and unless there has been a major change !), don’t be thinking the GUI means the end of config editing :smiley:

you’ll need a http.conf file, and the best place to find an example is in the /configs directory in the asterisk source directory you installed from. it’s fairly self-explantory.

as for the GUI itself, from the 30 seconds i spent on it, i can’t say it rocks my world. the wiki does have info on it though, search for “http.conf” or go here … voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aync … ager+(AJAM

if there’s a full GUI in the offing then great, but if this is as far as it goes then i don’t see it as a major problem. i’ve yet to find a GUI that sets a phone system up the way i want it set up !

it doesn’t seem to work.

The only thing I get figure out is what and perhaps where to specify the username?

have a look at the manager.conf file…

Had to change [mark] to [myusername]