Asterisk GUI deletes config files


I use the Asterisk GUI from Trunk 1752 $ with an embedded target. The Asterisk and the GUI are placed on a CF-card with an vfat file system.

If I change anything, the file I’ve changed is deleted.

Most time the users.conf.

I have no idea why!?!?

Asterisk GUI 1752 from trunk

Cross-compiled for PowerPC architecture

Thanks, Tim


I think the problem is the file-system of the CF-Card (vfat).

If I change the location of the configuration files in asterisk.conf it does not work. The problem is still alive.

I use a CF-Card which is mounted on /mnt and I link the /etc/asterisk directory from this location.

I’ve copied the files to the /etc/asterisk and now it works.

Its only a work around, but at the moment my problem is solved.