Asterisk Group Call Pickup - BLF and Visual Indication of Calling/Called Number


In Europe, most telephony systems are implementing Group Call Pickup like that:
e.g. extension 100,101,102 are in a pickup group.

An external caller, calls extension 102
On 100 and 102 the following happens:

  1. A BLF Key blinks to indicate the possibility to pick up the call - if you press the key.
  2. A visual indication in the Display shows up, with the information of the calling party and the called party

I am missing this feature in the Asterisk featureset.
What I’ve read and tested so far:

To make a BLF Key blinking - I can use a virtual extension and hints to make this possible → The problem, I am not able to pick the call with the same Key, right?

To have the Calling number and called number displayed in the Screen, I have the following options (specifically for Yealink phones)

  1. Use XML / SIP Notify XML to send a Text to the Display - I don’t know if the implementation is possible, the pjsip_notify.conf is read only once at asterisk reload, so I would need to reload asterisk on every call to a pick up group, which seems not to be a good idea.
  2. Yealink phones are able to make a visual indication of BLF, but this happens to all BLF Keys, also if there is a direct call to e.g. 105 and 105 is set as a BLF Key on the Phone

As far as I know, most telephony systems can subscribe to the group call pickup feature extension number (e.g. *8) and get a SIP Notify, whenever there is a call for the Pickup Group they are in - the information from this SIP Notify is display in the screen.

Is there a possibilty to make that feature available, have you got any ideas or hints for me to do so?

Thanks and Best regards,

Here is an example of another telephony system - how a Group Pickup is handled:

*7 is the feature code for Group Call Pickup.

The SIP Extensions Subscribes to this Feature Code:


If someone of the Group get’s a call, there is a SIP Notify message: