How to add hint for pickup groups and see who is calling?

Asterisk 16.6.0, PJSIP.
Is it possible to assign BLF button for group pickup (callgroup) without making hint containing all phones from that group?
I have two problems: if I assign button (Yealink phone) with Group pickup feature I don’t see visual alerting
when somebody calls a phone from pickup group.
The second problem: if I answer the call using pickup I see only *8 on phone screen but not calling number (caller id).

I believe if you enable connected line updates your phones should display the caller’s information after they connect. Check your Yealink phones have PAI enabled.

On Yealink:
Caller ID source - RPID-PAI-FROM
I didn’t find other options. Yealink T29G

In pjsip_wizard:

See also the CONNECTEDLINE function in Asterisk.

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