Call visualization when a pickup group member is called

We are using a FreePBX 13 installation in connection with Yealink T4x phones.
Now we want to reproduce the features we have still on our Siemens Octopus F650.

One of the absolutely needed core features is, that everybody inside one Pickup Group is able to see, who is calling to whom inside the group. And be able to pick up this call if necessary.

The BLF feature of the phone in connection with directed call pickup (we set it to *22) is working, but this enables everybody to pickup everybody others call. Which is not wanted.

Room 1, User 1 receiving a call from external Number 012346-1235
User 1 is in Group Sales
User 3 in Room 12 is also in Group Sales and is unable to know that User one is actually receiving a call.
We need an option that allows User 3 to see, on the phone display, that user 1 is actually receiving a call and to pick it up, if necessary.

is there actually a way inside the Asterisk software or with an additional (commercial) Module to enable this absolutely useful feature?

I believe it should be pretty easy to do.

User 3 just needs to BLF User 1’s extension.

On User 3’s phone turn on ‘Visual Alert for BLF Pickup’ and it should show that User 1 is getting a call from 012346-1235

This is a way. But: with this, everybody is able to pickup the line of everybody else. So even one of the cleaning personell would then be able to use any phone to pick up a call which was directed to the CEO…
there MUST be another way

And btw. the CID from the caller isn’t shown. Even not if an internal call is incoming to User 1’s phone. it shows just “1 <= unknown”


Is there maybe a way with some dialplan configuration like

exten => 1,1,SendMessage(“BLAH”,[PickupGroupID]) ??

to visualize at all extensions on defined pickup group that 1 is called by xyz and can be picked up?

In Asterisk (don’t know about FreePBX, you may get more help in their forum), you can set a hint on each device, then set the BLF on the phone to monitor each device in that group. From there, you could do a directed pickup within the dialplan or pickup group as a feature code as long as each phone is in the callgroup in sippeers (or sip.conf). Or you could just ring all phones as part of a Ring group.