Pickup groups ringing and BLF?

Hey together,

i just got a short question about pickup groups and their ringing and the BLF feature.

So i just setup a few users which are all in the same pickup group and callgroup for some test.
Now if i call some of these users, all other users in this group be able to pick up the call with *8.

BUT, none of the other phones is ringing or is showing up a msg on the display…
How can i handel that?
I thought about the BLF feature to set my phones blinking when someone gets a call. But my problem is
the phones just can be a watcher of a single number… So i decided to build up a dummy user for this.
But the problem is that this user never get a client to register so nobody can watch this user…

^- Explanation:

exten => _X., 1, Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}&SIP/12345) ;Calls the dummy user also with the normal called number
exten => _X., 2, Ringing()
exten => _X., 3, Hangup()

exten => _12345, 1, Answer()
exten => _12345, n, Ringing()
exten => _12345, n, Wait(30)
exten => _12345, n, Hangup()

Now if i call a number it works for the number, but 12345 is never changing their status (I can see that the call is working for 12345 in the CLI)…

So is there a solution to do it without a dummy, but just set my phones watching on one single number like 12345?

(The pickup with *8 is working so there is no matter to change something there, but the notification is missing)

I hope u can understand me, because my english is not the best.

Greetings and thanks in advance.


Create a hint that has all your peers in it and BLF that hint on your phones.