Asterisk giving dead air after I have rebooted my server


Hi everyone,

I rebooted my CentOS server and after that I realize asterisk calls is no longer showing on CLI. Nothing is showing at all

Even after I have done #asterisk command and also tried other asterisk start command. All files and modules are still running. I dont know what else to do again


Are calls still going through the server? Is your verbosity level low (core set verbose 9)?


Okay. I will do that now asap


I still get dead air and no calls showing on the CLI


You need to provide more information or we will start shooting in the dark.

If you setup the server:
Which technology are you using for incomings calls(SIP, DAHDI)?
If DAHDI, drivers loaded, Chan_dahdi Loaded and configured?

And so on… Also as commented by jcolp be sure that your verbose is at least 3.


I’m using SIP and i have also tried to unload and load again but it didnt solve it


You need to be more descriptive. Are SIP calls not working at all? If so then that would be a different issue and you should narrow it down more, for example use tcpdump to see if SIP traffic is even arriving at your server. If not then on reboot firewall rules may have gone back into place to prevent it.