CLI not showing any reports

Hi, I’m using Asterisk Version 1.4 . I’ve run into an error that my CLI doesnt report anything even when there is a softphone registered. Does anyone have this problem as well? Any form of response is much appreciated, thanks.

what is the verbosity level?
Try “core set verbose 6” on your CLI.

I had asterisk 1.6 and upgraded to asterisk 1.8
Everything looks fine, sip phones can call each other.

But when i do asterisk -vvvvr and go to the cli i don’t get any output.
I also tried core set verbose 10 but nothing is shown ( no calls, nothing )
Also enabling debug with core set debug 10 for example doesn’t show anything.

Check your /etc/asterisk/logger.conf file and see what the settings are for the console logger.