My asterisk server does not process any call anymore

Hello everyone,

I rebooted my centos server using the reboot command. But i realised when i try to use the asterisk server again. I cant see any calls on the CLI and i get dead air.

There is insufficient information to even start on this. You will need to look at the logs.

Please where can i see asterisk server log files. I always notice everytime the server is rebooted asterisk is no longer working.

The default location is /var/log/asterisk

Okay. I will look at that now

I can see files such as full, dtmflog. Which one am i to look for?

full (or just look at what they contain). full isn’t normally enabled, although you should enable it in logger.conf, for debugging.

There are many content in the full page but how can i know the one related to asterisk not processing calls

Look for unexplained warnings and errors. Look for messages that indicate a call got some way through the system.

See for more information on how to obtain the logs, although it still assumes that you understand enough about Asterisk to understand when something is going wrong.

On the full file i see this VERBOSE [11864] asterisk.c: Remote UNIX connection disconnected. Doing asterisk -vvvvvr is not showing anything on the CLI. On the full file in asterisk log file, it is not showing any calls attempt except for the disconnect message. All i get is a fake ring.

Remote Unix connection disconnected mean you ended an asterisk -r session.

Please explain what you mean by fake ringing.

You need to turn up your logging until you do see something happening, or you need to look at your system connectivity to find why Asterisk is not receiving anything

Hmmm probably each reboot enable your firewall and it block all the SIP port, check that too.

@navaismo How can I check that. The firewall