Asterisk SIP issue

Hello All,

This is my first post here, and this is also my first Asterisk server I am installing. Hope you help me.

I have a digium TDM800 card in my server with 8FXOs.

When I am in the Asterisk command line, and when there is an incoming call to the FXO port, I receive notifications and messages in the CLI, so the PBX is working.

The problem is:

I have assigned a new SIP account in the sip.conf like so:

type = friend
host = dynamic
secret = sipper
context = default

But when I am trying to setup the account in a softphone, it’s failing, and no message appears in the CLI.

I am sorry for the stupid explanation, but any help is highly appreciated.



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If there is no CLI output, but you have verbose on, it means that the phone isn’t pointing at Asterisk, or is being blocked by a router.

As a double check, enable debug logging and use “sip set debug” to see if anything is being received from the phone, or run something like tcpdump, or wireshark, on the Asterisk box.

Hello David,

I appreciate your early reply alot, you have really helped me !!

My problem has been solved. While this is the first time I install a cent os server, the issue was in the firewall :blush:

But now I have another issue:

When I am calling from outside through PSTN, I see in the CLI that the call is being received and answered well, but I can’t hear anything when I am using Playback or Echo for example.

Did I make another stupid mistake?