Asterisk Future OS - Bye Centos or still good or Ubuntu Server


With CentOS 7 coming to end of life in 2024. I am looking for alternative. My first option was to go with Ubuntu server but I found out Queuemetrics (Queue reports) is not full supported o Ubuntu.
I have read that using CentOS Stream 9 is not suggested for a production environment.

I would appreciate some advise on an alternative environment to run my Asterisk software on?

I currently have an Asterisk 16 real time PBX server with down WEB Interface, dial plans using PJSIP and mysql database. We support Queuemetrics for reporting and FOP2 (Created my own custom FOP2 code for buttons/Queues and Trunks)


you can switch to
have been using Asterisk 18 on Rocky Linux 8 without any issue

I still have a number of CentOS servers running myself, but now I prefer Debian. Ubuntu has too much stuff running in the background that you don’t really need.

I’m pretty sure Asterisk runs equally fine on most mainstream distros. Just pick any…

Your real problem seems to be some related software you have installed, and their compatibility, perhaps the question is better suited for their relevant support channels? I see VERY few questions here related to 3rd party solutions, and they are generally asked to take them to the 3rd party.

Perhaps ask Queuemetrics what they would suggest, and go with that?

With that being said, I’ve ran Asterisk on various versions of Debian for about a decade, with no problems related to the OS used.

If you plan to also use FreePBX, we’ve encountered all sorts of problems deploying Asterisk 20 and FreePBX 16 with Rocky 8. On the other hand, Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian 11 are rock-solid.

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Thank you for all the feedback.

I also believe our OS will be based of other factors as Asterisk is stable. Rocky Linux might be the first choice just because FreePBX is going that route I believe.

Why CentOS Stream 9 is not recommended for the production environment? I have few boxes with asterisk 18 running and didn’t notice any issues so far

Same here running multiple asterisk PBX servers on Ubuntu 22.04. No complains so far.

The current Debian 11 includes Asterisk 16.16.1, but Debian 12 should be coming soon, with Asterisk 20.

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