Best deployment distro

Hey there

I’m not THAT new to Asterisk, and I’ve been using Debian for a while now, I’ve never had significant issues, however, the ACD we’ve been using started to give me some headaches.

[ul][li]Channels not being terminated (Suddenly we find 60+ channels still open, even when there’s no active calls at the moment)[/li]
[li]Applicationmaps not being detected[/li]
[li]Sometimes a few extensions can’t be monitored (Chanspy)[/li]
[li]When a call is transferred, the recording stops[/li][/ul]

Basically, the service, on slightly heavy loads, is unstable. I’m using Asterisk 1.8.4-rc3 and Debian 6. I’m thinking on a full reinstall, start from scratch. I know for a fact that a big call center solution (InConcert) uses Asterisk 1.2.23 and CentOS 5.4, but 1.2 is way too old. What’s a nice stable Asterisk release, and what would be a nice distro to use?

Thanks in advance

I personally like PBX in a Flash.

currently i’m using Asterisk with centOS 5.6 and is working great for me.
i worked also with 1.6 and centos 5.5 managing a single asterisk server doing 80-85 concurrent call :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: