Asterisk for ISDN S0 Tunneling

Hi @ all,

I would like to take Asterisk to tunnel my ISDN line which comes
internally out of an ISDN PBX at location A via Ethernet to a location B
and connect an ISDN phone or another ISDN “sub” PBX there.

Something like:

PSTN - PBXA - internal S0 - Asterisk - ETHERNET - Asterisk - PBX B with analog and ISDN phones.

Is Asterisk capable of handling this scenario ?
has anybody done this before or is there any documentation
about such a scenario ?

Thanks for any help.


You want a really long extension cord :smile:

Yeah asterisk can do that, maybe look into a zaptel function called TDMoE. You’ll want to configure each asterisk box so that whenever a call comes in fron the ISDN, it figures out what channel its on, and dials TDMoE on that channel. If a call comes in on TDMoE, it dials that same channel on ISDN. The same config (aside from setting up TDMoE peers) would be on both boxes.