Using Asterisk to tunnel an ISDN S0-BUS through ethernet

Hello Forum,

unfortunately, Google doesn’t really return any results for my problem:

I need - well, I’d rather like to, tunnel the S0-Bus from an office building through an existing ethernet connection to a private home. Yes, I could pull a second cable, but that would probably be a LOT more expensive than just using the existing connection.

Can Asterisk be used to tunnel this transparently? If so, could you point me in the right direction, regarding the required ISDN hardware?

Asterisk is a back to back user agent. It will reduce the signalling to its internal set of events and regenerate the signalling on the other side.


Is there an ethernet utp cable already between buildings or is is a Wan connection ?

if its a cable then use the u bus and extend that to the far end , it could be run in a spare pair of the cable going over.

As to asterisk doing it , yes you could you will loose features and cost will be high both in hardware and power used.

We have done this using back to back ISDN gateways nailed up , look at Patton gateways for examples. This is much more cost effective.