Do I need a .call file or AGI script?


I’m trying to work with asterisk to call a person’s cellphone/landline to remind him/her about any cancellation of a particular program.

It’s like a pre-recorded message ( Receptionist voice for eg. )
Or just text.

Once hit send or submit button, I need to deliver the message to the person whom I want to recieve this message.

How do I create a webpage or form, which does the above and connect the asterisk to work along with it.

I desperately need help, please!


and AMI script via PHP or even AJAM will do what you want


Thanks for your reply.

Now it’s not just one person but group of clients I need to send. Probably I’m planning to pull the data from DB for Clients number and so on.

Will I still be able to send using AMI script via PHP?