Asterisk Feature Name and How to activate it


What is the Asterisk Feature Name or what is the feature call: when a user is on a call for a certain period and then an audio signal notifies them.

Example: If an call center agent is on a call for 10 minutes then the pabx will play a beep sound to notify them that they are on the call for 10 minutes.

How do you activate this in Asterisk aswell.

Any information will help.



What you want to happen after that?
Dial() has build-in feature to play something when X ms are reached as a warning and drop the call (or repeat that warning after Y ms).

If you’re using the Dial application with the L option ( … +Variables) to control the files played.

Thanks for the information. I will give it try.

Just to answer the question in the response. Once the call is on for 3 minutes I want the call the continue but it is just as a reminder or notification for the agent.