Play a sound during a call - HELP!

I’m looking for a way to play a sound during a call forwarded. I can’t find the way to play a sound certain time after the call is answered but before the dial command ends (channel hangup).

In general, I don’t know if it is possible to execute some other commands during a call, like math operations or variable assignments.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Are you referring to a live call (where both ends are human) or a call (segment) handled by Asterisk? If latter, no problem. That’s what dial plan is for. If former, it’ll be a little more complicated (and I can hardly think of any practical use of this), but still doable with Local channel.

Dear valley,

I refer to the former. Maybe explaining the practical application that I want, you could help me to solve my question. In a pre-paid application, I try to notifie a user one minute before the call ends (by a sound message) that his credit will end.

Any id?

Many thxs!

Asterisk Dial() application has an L option that limits call duration and optionally can play voice alerts about the limit as you desired. Check or

(or core show application if 1.4)

Just what I wanted,

Thxs a lot. Best regards.