Dial plan: Play .wav message during a call

Talking with some of my friends and we came up with a great idea. We get it set up so we can press a button on the phone in the middle of phone calls and it will play a pre-recorded Arnold Schwarzenegger line…

We like having funny stuff like this to use. Some previous examples: https://m.soundcloud.com/pinellascomputers

How do I make this?: In the middle of phone calls, dialing any number [0-9] will play a message (a miscellaneous destination or even just directly a wave file)?

I’m not an Asterisk/Elastix pro: Direct path for file to edit, or dialplan to create/edit, would be appreciated. Thanks and will post final product for community laughs/feedback.

The difficult bit is going to be getting the performing rights clearance from Arnold.

I imagine this is a fairly simple use of features. conf.

It is extremely simple check the features.conf configuration files


So, I’m pretty familiar with the features configuration file and some of those references. However, I can’t seem to depict how to specify these options only trigger during an active call. Do I have to make a separate dial plan?

Can someone point me to an example where pressing a custom feature code number could be allowed during a call? Or do I have to add code that functions during any and every call?