SIP registration required?

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I have the following question: I just installed two Asterisk servers in a failover configuration (with Hearbeat). I only get my SIP phones working after having them register with one of the servers. I guess this is due to the “allowguest=no” setting (didn’t get the chance to test the opposite). However, since the phones need to register, they won’t work right away when the Asterisk service fails over to the second node. The phones need to wait until the expiration of the registration period. Is there any other way to fix this, except by setting the registration time as low as possible?

I should also mention that the SIP service will be presented on the internet as well.

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Bart. is a free sip service provider.


not really sure how this relates to my question, but thx for the info.

You could use Real time and have both asterisk servers use the same database located on another server. However i’ve never tested it. Best would be to not register but obviously doesn’t seem an option in your case. Ugly hack could be to put a very low registration expires.


I see, thank you.
But am I right in assuming that registration is required with SIP? Because on the phones I have the option to disable this, but this seems to result in the phones not working.

You use SIP registration when you dont know the IP of the SIP device, then you will have
in sip.conf. If however, you always knmow the IP where the SIP device will be at, then use
in sip.conf. Since you say that you will have an internet facing SIP service, you probably wont know the IP of the SIP devices, so will need to register to you so you then get to know their IP. In failover scenario, then just use low registration times, like 60 sec. Not too bad.


the SIP devices are internal, so I could use host=a.b.c.d. I tested this, but the phones wouldn’t ring unless I used “host=dynamic” and enabled registration on the phones themselves. What could be the reason for this?

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