Asterisk Dialer

Hi all

i have a task to developo for a customer and i wish i could take the right way to do so…

500-1000 calls to do in 4 days every month,daytime period 10-13 and 16-19

1 call at a time 10 retries with 60 minutes space between

The numbers list is in csv or mysql table…

Im asking any and only suggestions to develop the right way…

Many Thanks

What you want is possible with Asterisk (
->Read records from MySQL or csv using your favorite scripting language (Python,Php,c,Perl,Bash … …).
->Send call information from script to Asterisk using AMI( or callfile (
->Store call status somewhere in database (using cdr or your own way) so that you can use it later for retry.

–Satish Barot


and the time question? how can i start and stop call processing? call file do have time stamp but the logic will became too complex…is it possible to stop callfile processing until next working day at a specific time?
Or have i to make script for starting and stopping the process?

You need to check time constraints in script to see weather you want to generate a call or not.

With some minor changes on the asterisk version that you are using and adding an script to stop moving the files you maybe can use this:

Other way is to use AMI and have complete control of the call flow by listening on the responses