Asterisk database default Familty Names list

Dear Support

I would like to know is there any list of default Asterisk database family names for Asterisk 11. For example Let say I have extension 1001. When I run command database showkey 1001, I get list of keys which are their in database with corresponding Family name. Please refer below example.

/CW/1001 : ENABLED
Now in above example CW is the family name and 1001 is the key. I would like to know is there any default list online available which Family names used by Asterisk 11 or 10 . It will be useful for someone who does not know what type family name user have to use while putting new values for specific key.

Asterisk does not come with any pre-installed AstDB entrys for extensions.

Are you using FreePBX or any other distribution that packages FeePBX and Asterisk together?