ASTDB Families & syntax for querying Call Forward

I’m running the open source version of Asterisk 1.2.14.

Where can I determine what families are available in ASTDB? Specifically, I’m trying to use CLI and/or API to query/set/cancel Call Forwarding.

I’ve been told that the syntax to query Call Forward status is similar to:

database get CF SIP/101

But that yields a “Database entry not found” in the CLI.

What is the correct syntax? What other ASTDB families exist?


What does the dialplan look like that sets the callforward ?

in here will be the settings you require

/usr/local/sbin/ast-cmd cmd “database get CF 101”

from the asterisk CLI
database show

from the console prompt
this will show keys with 101…
/usr/local/sbin/ast-cmd cmd “database showkey 101”

change the db (Call waiting enabled on the exten var)

exten => _*50.,n,DBput(CW|${EXTEN}|ENABLED)