DB funtion in Dialplan


I have a question over this function.

The sintax put this


But I dont know how refer.

family and key, correspond a table and colum in the asterisk database ?

Can anyone give an example ?


voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … sk+func+db

I read this and other pages as asteriskguru and voip, but don?t understand.

In the example that you send puts

GotoIf($[${DB(office/open)} = 1]?daytime:nighttime)

family is a table and key is a colum of the table ?
or open a expecific table and famili is the colum ?


Well, I see that anyone answer, I solve my dude.

The DB funcion use a Database of asterisk Online.

Is not a Mysql Table or similar, there are like some vars that can be read or write in real time.

See you.