Help me on DBPut

can any one tell me ,what is family and key in below statement?

DBput(family/key=value) … sk+func+db

or search for ASTDB

Thanks for the reply. In the link they didn’t told about what is family and key.
Any Better answer from any one?

is what i saw when searching for ASTDB. it’s basic db stuff. what are you struggling with ?

I had a table called extensions_table. In that i had below rows for a particular
context ‘8993003537’.

context exten priority app appdata

“8993003537” “2” “1” “NOOP” “${CONTEXT}”
“8993003537” “2” “2” “DIAL” “SIP/123232333333@sip|60”

I want to get the appdata “SIP/123232333333@sip|60” for 2nd priority . How can i do by using ${DB(family/key)}? What is family and key in this situation?
PlZ help me on this Issue.

you’re barking up the wrong tree i think. the Asterisk DB function and DB??? applications all deal with the built-in ASTDB database. i’m guessing you’re talking about an external database like MySQL or Postgres.

you can use the MYSQL application to connect to and get data from a MySQL database, but i think you want to either use Realtime or Realtime Static, depending on what you’re trying to do.