[HELP] I need some information about the Skype

Hi people, I’m new here! :blush:

I’m studing the VOIP tecnologies, to make a university work, and I would like to know if somebody can give some informations about the Skype VoIP tecnologies and their suppliers.
What kind of tecnologies was used to create the Skyke VOIP system?
Which company developed the system from Skype??
Which protocol was used??

Since now, thanx for tring to help me!

I can’t help you with any of that but I did try Skype and never could get it to work. It did work between two PC’s on my lan but not over the internet. I could hear callers but they couldn’t hear me.
They don’t have any sort of technical support so if you try it and have problems you are on your own. I think it would take someone who works there and has access to the servers and software to fix their problems but all they have is a forum like this one that has other frustrated users who are not able to help and just give you stupid suggestions like “check your microphone!”.
iPhone from Webservice Center seems promising and Roman gave me a free account to try it but I don’t know anyone else who has iPhone and haven’t been able to call outside so haven’t been able to talk to anyone besides Roman yet.
If you do get any of these technologies to work please let us know how you did it.