Asterisk configuration without VoIP

This ought to be very easy.

I have a nice new TDM422E. Channels 1 & 2 are FCO. Channels 3 & 4 are FXS. Only channels 1 and 3 are plugged in at the moment.

I just can’t quite get it to work. In particular I have never been able to use the FXS channel 3 to initiate an outbound call using FXO channel 1.

I’m fairly sure that the problem is that the contexts defined in zapata.conf need to relate to the contexts in extensions.conf and in users.conf. I have several books on Asterisk, but none of them quite close that loop.

I would like to be able to inbound and outbound callling on a phone plugged into channel 3 using my access to the phone system via channel 1. From there I can build features.

Can anyone provide a configuration example?


You’re very probably right about contexts gumming up the works.

The quck and dirty way to make it work is to put everything into one context. [default] would be easiest. Calls from the FXS line can then start in the default context and have access to anything in the default context (which should include the FXO line).

You didn’t mention if you had built an extensions.conf file, or any of the other files, or if you had the ability to call anything internally, (say, calling the voicemail login extension).

If you only loaded the sample .conf files, I would expect you need to do some changes before you could place a call.