Is Channel=>X necessary in zapata.conf

Hi All,
I have been trying hard to make an outbound call which i have failed miserably doing for some 15 days now.
I have an Audio Codes FXO and Techroutes FXS.
My FXS do not require me to assign channels in zapata.conf.
I am able to call internally.
But i fail to do it the moment i dial a pstn number.
No direct Error is visible to me … as i see the call connected and a recorded file.
Any time i try to assign Channels … My Asterisk Server goes down.

When Making a call through FXS->FXO (outside number) i see the channel seized but then it does not ring one.

Probably the error lies here…

On the CLI Console i get to see

Pls help me with advice as to how to and why to create channels for an external FXS and FXO.

Any help will be appreciated.