Different FXO pickup/dialout groups

I am new to Asterisk, but I got my TDM800P board (4FXS/4FXO) running and working on Fedora8, Asterisk 1.4.X. I am really enjoying the setup and capabilities.

I’ve been able to find online messages dealing with all of my previous issues except this one. I can attempt several different things, but I thought I’d get the recommended solution.

Right now I have the simplest configuration, 4 FXS ports as group 1, and 4 FXO ports as group 2. Pickup on group 2 for inbound context, pickup on group 1 for internal extensions, dial on group 2 for calls going to PSTN.

We have a fax line that I want to use for outbound, but I don’t want Asterisk to answer (hard-wired over to the fax machine already). Can I get a pointer to a sample setup for zapata.conf and/or extensions.conf to support a channel connected to a line that is used in the outbound hunt group but not the inbound group? I assume I use two FXO groups, but pls recommend the configuration.