Read sticky's for 3 hrs and I'm still confused!

Hello board:

Here’s what I have:

Cisco 7970 Handset
PBX system through my office (Regus Global Offices)
Asterisk Software

What I want to do:
Connect my current PBX system and cisco phone to Asterisk so I may integrate it into vtiger crm (customer relations manager)


  1. How do I connect this phone to the software?
  2. Do I need to know my PBX system? (I know it’s working)
  3. Should I download the newest asterisk version or some older version have larger compatibility with other modules?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have the asterisk software installed on a linux server? or did you download the windows (yuck) version. If you downloaded the windows version I do not think you will get much help from anyone here. It is not really supported. You really need to download and read this book before you do anything.

After you are familliar with Asterisk, then you can look into integrating your current pbx, and using the cisco phone with asterisk.

Thanks for the reply. It appears I have to read 607 pages? I don’t think I can skim read a technical manual but we’ll see. Asterisk is the definitive project to use so I guess it’s worth it. Thank you again.

p.s. If anyone knows the secret code to just click click on… …let me know! heh…