Asterisk CDRs


I’m trying to configure asterisk for “follow on call” feature, but i’m having some issues with CDRs generation.

Here is what i’m trying to do:

  • dial a number using g parameter on Dial command
  • if the called party answers and the call is terminated by called party, the calling party is able to dial another number on so on. On this situation (when the call is answered), a CDR is generated for each call.

During all this time, inbound channel is active all the time.

The problems appear when an outbound calls is not completed, because the CDR is not generated and i really need a CDR to be written for each outbound call.

i;m using Asterisk 11.6-cert.

Please let me know if is any solution for my issue.

Thank you!

Did you enabled in the configuration file of the cdr to log the unanswered calls?

yes, unanswered = yes